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Click for the Flickr Website Flickr is an application on the Internet that allows people and organisations, such as our Club, to display and share photos. We established our Flickr account in September 2012. It is the most efficient and cost effective way to provide photos to our members taken during events. Members can view or download any of these photos. You do not have to join Flickr or establish a Flickr account to access our Club Flickr site photos. The Club Flickr site is at www.flickr.com/photos/fairfordclassics/sets. It may be handy to have the site as a favourite in your web browser.

Using your web browser, go to the Club Flickr site by clicking on the Flickr logo or enter the website address. The events are grouped in to ALBUMS with each album containing the images from an event. The albums are arranged in chronological order with the most recent event first.

To view the photos in the album, LEFT CLICK ON THE ALBUM. The images will appear; scroll down through them at your leisure. To return to the albums page, LEFT CLICK ON THE “View all albums” at the left edge of the black bar near the top of the screen. To view a larger image of any photo, LEFT CLICK ON THE PHOTO (or RIGHT CLICK and then select Open).


  1. LEFT CLICK on the album you want.
  2. LEFT CLICK on the photo you want, it will come up larger, by itself.
  3. LEFT CLICK on the downward arrow on the bottom right of the screen (There are three symbols there; choose the one on the right). A small window will come up showing the file size options available to you. Original is probably a good choice.
  4. LEFT CLICK on the size you want. A new window will come up at the bottom of the screen in a yellow box. You want the centre choice in that yellow box. Please note:
          If you simply click Save, your computer will put the file in a default location (ie: My Pictures, Downloads, etc). If you are happy with this, fine but if YOU want to choose where the file goes, do this -
          Click on the small black triangle next to Save and select Save As. (This is recommended)
  5. After selecting Save As, a directory window will open. Choose the directory where you wish the photo to be placed. You can change the File Name at this time if you want to.
  6. Select Save in this directory window.
  7. That’s it, you’re done.

Once you have the photo, you can print, keep or e-mail it as you wish. Use your back-up button on your browser to get back to the photos in the album.

If you wish to have any photo removed from the Flickr site, please contact the Chairman and it will be done.