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The FC3 magazine and the Newsletter provide members with information about upcoming Club and motoring events, reports on Club activities, articles on automotive subjects and things of wider interest to Club members. We will always make our best effort to ensure content is relevant, timely, interesting and well presented. Members are encouraged to submit items, writings and photographs to the Secretary in either electronic or hard copy, though the former is preferred.

The Club magazine, FC3, is published three times per year. The dates will vary slightly. For the other months, we publish a short Newsletter to keep members informed and entertained.

The Newsletter and FC3 are on the Website in full-colour (double clic on the item and it will download to your Adobe Reader as a pdf). FC3 is mailed to members in hard copy but only the covers and centrefold are in colour due to the cost of printing. The full-colour Newsletter is sent out by e-mail which saves the Club a fair bit in postage. For members without internet access, colour copies of the Newsletter are mailed out. Any members can request the Newsletter in either electronic or hard copy by contacting the Secretary. If you wish an electronic copy anything in the Newsletter or FC3, please contact the Secretary for information.